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Motorway Driving Confidence

A lot of drivers find that they have a certain level of nerves when it comes to driving on a motorway for the first time. I can help you to feel confident so that you can make that long journey comfortably and safely. Based in Camberley I have the M3 on my doorstep, so there is plenty of opportunity for us to practise motorway driving skills. I welcome pupils from all of the surrounding areas including, Blackwater, Farnborough, Fleet and AldershotTypically your driving lessons will start in the wide and quiet roads of Farnborough Park. As you gain ability and confidence you will move onto busier and more complex roads, eventually taking in the various roundabouts between Farnham and Camberley, include some fast dual carriageways and even the M3 motorway. I welcome pupils from across the surrounding areas including Blackwater, Farnborough, Fleet and Aldershot.

What Will I Do on the Lesson?

After a chat about any concerns or questions you may have, we will make our way to the M3. To begin with you will learn how to safely enter the motorway. We will then look at how to keep a safe distance from other drivers, how to maintain safe speeds and observing and planning moving through lanes. Further to this I will educate you on the rules of the motorway, advice on dealing with different weather and discuss hints and tips on dealing with things like road rage, fatigue on long journeys and what you should do if you were to breakdown on the motorway. Lastly you would learn how to safely exit the motorway.

Who Are Advanced Driving Lessons For?

  • New drivers wanting to continue their learning straight after passing their driving test
  • Drivers planning on taking a specific journey who have never had to use a motorway before
  • Drivers who have lost confidence in motorway driving

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